News We Can Use: A Simple Way to Stand Out (AKA Jimmy Fallon Is Onto Something)

This week, the Postal Service shared that the average household gets one personal letter about every seven weeks. That’s a significant drop from 1987, when people received a letter about every two weeks. Makes sense, given that cursive writing itself may be headed for extinction; to date, 41 of the 50 states have dropped it from their teaching curriculum.

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From Miss Manners to Jimmy Fallon, people have touted the importance of giving thanks. And, considering the time of year, you’ll undoubtedly hear and read lots (and lots and lots) about the importance of showing gratitude in your day-to-day life.

Given today’s instant-gratification-one-click-checkout-abbreviation-using world, where 140 characters has become the norm, it’s tempting to truncate already tiny phrases such as “please” and “thank you” to save space and time.

IOHO (in our humble opinion), it’s more important than ever to avoid abbreviating such important sentiments. Substituting “pls,” “TY” or “thx” for the real thing is like swapping Seitan for a Steak, or better yet – Tofurkey for its traditional holiday counterpart (no offense, Vegan friends!). It takes the space, but isn’t close to being as satisfying.

If you want to say a truly powerful “thanks,” Psychology Today says it should come in three parts:

  • Part 1: Thank someone for something specific they did for you. (It can also be something they refrained from doing that would have hurt you.)
  • Part 2: Acknowledge the effort it took for them to do it (by saying something like: “I know you went out of your way to do XYZ…”)
  • Part 3: State the difference it personally made to you
  • So we’d like to offer up an official thank you to all of our friends, family and colleagues who have supported us during the process of writing Be Your Own Best Publicist and in our lives in general.  We really, truly appreciate you.

    TTFN (Ta-ta for now) and HTD (Happy Turkey Day)!

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