News We Can Use: A Simple Way to Stand Out (AKA Jimmy Fallon Is Onto Something)

This week, the Postal Service shared that the average household gets one personal letter about every seven weeks. That’s a significant drop from 1987, when people received a letter about every two weeks. Makes sense, given that cursive writing itself may be headed for extinction; to date, 41 of the 50 states have dropped it from their teaching curriculum.

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Our Fun Fearless Interview

Yesterday, we did an in-studio interview with Cosmo Radio’s “Cocktails with Patrick,” a show that airs on Sirius XM Radio everyday from 3-6 p.m. EST and is hosted by the adorable Patrick Meagher and produced by the lovely Lea Palmieri.  We landed the interview at the suggestion of Cosmopolitan‘s Editor-in-Chief Kate White, the very definition of her magazine’s motto “Fun Fearless Female” — and we had an absolute ball.  Our chat with Patrick lasted 45 minutes and yet it felt like 5.  We’re not sure how Cosmo Radio found him but he’s a real talent with a great sense of humor who can make any guest feel at ease (did we mention that he’s adorable?).

During our interview, we doled out advice that we hope was helpful to the show’s young (mostly female) listeners about do’s and don’ts in the workplace — from what not to post on Facebook and Twitter to tips on how to dress for an interview, from simple e-mail mistakes to avoid to how to set up informational interviews.

We love Cosmo!

We want to thank Kate, Cosmo editor Zoe Ruderman, Lea and Patrick again for making our interview a great experience. We wish every interview about the book could be as easy and fun as this one!  If you don’t already, follow @CosmoRadio, @CockswithP, @CosmoOnline and @KateMWhite on Twitter.  And of course @BestPublicist too for updates on the book, press interviews and speaking engagements.  Thanks!