The Pros and Cons of Job-Hopping

Job hopping isn’t necessary a good thing.

Having run her company’s PR department for over a decade, Jessica has seen a lot of staffers come and go — some by their choice, some by hers. While most have stayed for between two and four years, a few for much longer (herself included), others don’t stick around long enough to really settle in.

When we both look at resumes and see that someone has jumped from job to job, spending less than a year or two at each place, it gives us pause. But more and more these days, young people get antsy after six months to a year (sometimes even less).

The reasons people leave vary — perhaps they feel they deserve or want a promotion, more money, more autonomy and flexibility, or they seek to join the latest start-up in hopes that they’ll get rich quick. And those things are not necessarily bad. It’s just important to be careful about how you navigate your career path so your resume doesn’t end up being disproportionately long compared to your short duration in the working world.

So, herein are some of the pros and cons of job-hopping:

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