Social Media and the Summer Vacation

Social media continues to change the way we live our lives and, according to the Wall Street Journal, how we communicate when we’re on vacation. A recent story by Elizabeth Holmes shared the challenge that people who have a strong social media presence have when taking a summer vacation: Stay connected and tweeting to keep your followers happy but face the pressure to remain “on-message,” even when you are officially off the clock.

If you’re a super user — or just super into the social media scene — here are some tips if you want to unplug on your time off:

  • Plan ahead: The WSJ article mentions doing a “digital detox” — we love that idea and believe that the easiest way to do that is to go cold turkey. Do so by planning trips where there’s limited (to no) access to internet.
  • Manage expectations: Just like the out of office message on your work email, if you have a strong following on social media, make sure you let people know that you’ll be less active for the time you are away. (You don’t need to share that you’re away from home — just that you’ll be otherwise occupied!)
  • Be selective: If you simply can’t leave it behind completely, schedule times that you will post photos and share information from your journey. Pick and choose the moments so that you can continue to send the appropriate message to those who follow you.

When you head out on vacation, will you do a “digital detox” or  stay constantly connected?  Tell us here, on Facebook or on Twitter.


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