Meet Yourself Half-Way: Why a Mid-Year Check-in Can Spell Success in All Areas of Your Life

August is here!  Aside from ungodly heat, spiked lemonade and the omnipresent Summer Olympics, what this time of year truly has in store is the opportunity to do a check-in with yourself.

In sports, the split is the intermediate times during a race that gives athletes an understanding of how they are performing, allowing them to adjust their pace accordingly.  In screenwriting, figuring out the midpoint is the key to determining where the story goes, what it means — and how to make it a success. And, in business, smart companies examine goals and performance at the half-way point to ensure that they will hit the marks set earlier in the year.

Why not take a cue from them and do a quick reconnection with the resolutions and goals you made at the top of the year?  Here are some simple ways to do so:

  • Check in:  Whether it was losing weight, getting a new job, staying in touch with friends and family or spending less time on Facebook, take a moment to revisit your plan and reconnect with why you set the goal in the first place.
  • Commit (again): Big deal if you haven’t yet achieved your goals. Simply choose to start over. By breaking the tasks into small achievable actions, you’ll soon move closer to success.
  • Connect: Getting the support you need — and having coaches, mentors or champions— to help you on the road to success will make even the bumpiest roads easier to navigate. Join appropriate groups, get advice, and engage family, friends and colleagues where applicable.

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