News We Can Use: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. RIP Steve Jobs.

Last night came the news that the world had lost an extraordinary visionary, Steve Jobs.  The man responsible for everything from the iPad/iPod/iPhone to Buzz Lightyear  has moved from infinity to the beyond.

No doubt the tributes will be far and wide – highlighting his entrepreneurial prowess and his unparalleled creativity; his philanthropic drive and attention to detail; his strong spirit and unique support of burgeoning talent. There’s already so much on the books about his leadership, impact and innovation.

In the end, his best legacy is not just the amazing company he founded, the people he mentored or the advances he spearheaded. Instead, his eloquence and perspective could ultimately be his greatest gift to all. In fact, the much posted graduation speech he gave at Stanford offered timeless advice for young and old. In it he encouraged all to connect the dots in life, love whatever you do, live life as if every day were your last and, of course, stay hungry/stay foolish. Check the full speech out here.

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