News We Can Use: A Simple Way to Stand Out (AKA Jimmy Fallon Is Onto Something)

This week, the Postal Service shared that the average household gets one personal letter about every seven weeks. That’s a significant drop from 1987, when people received a letter about every two weeks. Makes sense, given that cursive writing itself may be headed for extinction; to date, 41 of the 50 states have dropped it from their teaching curriculum.

Sadly, that news portends that the hand-written thank you note could be going the way of the Polaroid camera or vinyl records – beloved, yet marginalized or obsolete. (Jimmy Fallon notwithstanding, of course.)

While a bit disheartening, it also presents an opportunity for those looking to stand out in a good way – with family, friends and, certainly, on a professional level.


In Be Your Own Best Publicist  we share several examples of people –including legendary magazine editors Glenda Bailey and Helen Gurley Brown — who have taken the art of personal note-writing to an artistic level. (And, of course, the aforementioned Jimmy Fallon continues to put the practice front-and-center, albeit in a humorous way).  But, it definitely doesn’t have be that complicated. Simple, well-written, timely, proofed and grammatically correct correspondence could be the lynchpin to seal the deal.

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