Learning from Lindsay: Lessons To Glean From The Actress’ Missteps and Mistakes

News came this morning that Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan will be charged this afternoon with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace.

Whether or not she’s convicted for this incident (or others stemming from the allegations from her melee while at the Betty Ford Clinic), there’s no doubt that the starlet is guilty as charged when it comes to damage to her reputation and, subsequently, her career.    While she’s an extreme case, there’s still a lot that one can all learn from Lindsay and her significant fall from grace:

Consider the consequences

In Be Your Own Best Publicist, we write that with Flip video and digital cameras so widespread, there’s literally no where to hide.  Run a red light?  There’s a camera to capture it.  Send an angry email?  The recipient could easily circulate it far and wide in an instant. Even a simple stumble can be recorded and uploaded to YouTube in a matter of seconds.  And, that’s for us normal folks — it’s exponentially worse for celebs.   The point:  Be careful what you put out there (what you wear, what you say, what you write), because it could come back to haunt you.  (Consider the necklace in question for Ms. Lohan.  Do you think that she realized donning that bauble would be such a bobble?)

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? Time and time again, the actress has promised to straighten up and fly right.  Most recently, in court, she promised the judge that she was taking the situation seriously, only to stumble once more.    Now she’s hard-pressed to find people who actually believe that she’s committed to cleaning up her act.  The career lesson?  Whatever the task, it’s better to under promise and over deliver.  If you make empty promises or your actions are antithetical to what you’re saying, you will find yourself without supporters.   

And finally,on a positive note:



Everybody Loves a Comeback

From Martha Stewart to Robert Downey Jr., the celeb-o-sphere is filled with stories of overcoming even the most dramatic fall from grace.  The common thread for most comebacks includes admitting the mistake, doing the time and then moving forward in a more positive direction.  When facing a crisis or mistake in your own career: assess, address and adapt.

  • Assess: Figure out what went wrong and what damage was done
  •  Address: Admit mistakes, acknowledge the challenges
  • Adapt: Learn from the situation and move forward

If La Lohan can do that, fingers crossed that she’ll be able to bounce back from her current career catastrophe.

What are other lessons to learn from Lindsay or other celebrity career crashes?  Share with us here, on Facebook or Twitter (@BestPublicist).


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